Auto closing open positions

Hello, does it ever auto close my open position on forex?
and if does when and why is happens

It’s not normal; abnormal activities from the scam brokers.

A position should only be closed by the system for one of two reasons - usually because you set a close order at a certain price, either a stop-loss order if the position is losing or a take profit order if it is in the money.

The other reason could be because you have reached the limit of your margin, in which case the firm is at liberty to close open positions in order to bring your exposure back within margin limits.

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Exactly what I had in mind, these are the only possible reasons I see. Unless maybe there was connection failure, if that can even auto close a trade I wonder?

Not that I’ve ever heard of or experienced. I actually had trouble with the landline that provides my internet connection for about 10 days recently and the line would drop multiple times per day. Never caused any changes to positions or orders though.

Put ur receipt order here, so we can take a look

Considering u have 0 post, do u know TP and SL?