Auto Trading Journal

Algorithmic Trading Portfolio

Starting balance of $5,000 with 1 signal and 6 strategies:

June 1st: Added more Dark Venus EAs:

Adding $100 to total cost


  • Signal is $360/year.
  • Cost of optimizing Dark Venus EAs was ~$25 each.
  • MetaTrader VPS is $39 for 3 months. I will be using Coinexx’s free VPS once MetaTrader’s is complete. (free VPS for accts over $5,000)
    *Added 4 more EAs on June 1st $25x4 $100
    Currently, breakeven costs will be $549 for the first year.

Real-time Trade Explorer updates here

Monthly Updates in this thread. Next Update: July 1st.

June’s monthly stats:

One important change made to the EA set files was unique Magic Numbers for each pair/strategy. Similar numbers will conflict with another EA’s strategy.

With these EAs working together, monthly profit should be 6% each month.
June: 73.6% win rate. Average winner +0.3%, Average loser -0.2% :+1:

Will add an optimized XauUsd EA to the group next update.

Your VPS’ cost is way too expensive. Mine is only 8 USD / month for 16 MT4/5.
Using Dark Venus, you don’t need those VPS level, unless your money is 100k and above.

MetaTrader VPS is $39 for 3 months. I will be using Coinexx’s free VPS once MetaTrader’s is complete.

$13 is “way too expensive” compared to $8? It’s free now with Coinexx. Now your VPS is way too expensive.

Ow I see. I was comparing the self paid VPS.

All broker now provide free VPS, there are requirements such as, min. traded lot each month, minimum deposit and type of accounts.

Free VPS from broker is usually wont be that good. But it will be enough for simple use.

From the coinnex, free VPS available for deposit 5000, or we need to pay 25 / month. The specification will be 1-2 cores max, with ram less then 1GB. Most people happy to use this.

I don’t try to compete with you who is the cheapest. It’s merely an information.

Note: I’m using 4 free VPS from some brokers. I got only 1 core RAM 700 MB each. Can only run max 2 instances of MT5 with simple EA, almost killed the VPS. :thinking:. Compare to a VPS I am paying for 8 USD / month, it can run 16 instances of MT5, running a moderate to heavy EA. Do you see the different ?