Auto Trading MQL Library (Patterns, Strategies, Management)

Hi All,

I am absolute newbie to forex but I have been reading a number of tutorials and tried to understand different methods. I am full-time researcher in computer science and have not much time to spend on forex trading. But from a couple of months as I was reading a lot about forex I am so much interested in forex trading that I have decided to write my own auto trade systems.

I am here to find others who are similar to me and are interested in auto trading systems. I am interested in developing a library of auto trading systems. I started recently to implement a library in MQL4 for candle patterns (basic, continuation, reversals).

I dont know if there exits already something like this and I have’nt found such functions to find patterns in MQL documentation. This might seem like a long vision and no returns initially. But in long run such a trading library might have everything with trading systems, money management, logging and reports.

My intention is to automate trading systems like 40-100 pips per day by James, 2X system, BGX, Sidus, etc… as a library that can be finally used by some kind of planning and management managers.

Looking forward to find interested partners…

Happy Trading

I’m not sure but I think if you goto they will write your program for you!