Auto Trading Tools

Has anyone use good binary options auto trading tools or softwares?

There’s a key in the middle upper right of the keyboard. Its called the delete button. Use that to remove any binary trading software on your computer. Best tool out there.


Hello bob. Iam a forex newbie and i really need assistance in trading. I have been practicing binary but have seen your advice thay people should stay away from binary trading.i lose a lot. I now want forex trading. Would you help me sir. Thank you

Hi everyone. I just saw this topic. Look at my accounts. I’m proud of me EA for bo:



I made 5 years backtest and is fine. Have no more time to do more. What do you think?

Can’t wait for them!!!

I am also a newbie and I would also like a little help to better understand

I personally don’t think that using of such tools like auto trading tools can be useful for traders, especially for novices. Maybe, I’m quite conservative but the main thing in tradng is that people must have learn it by itself and never rely on something. For m it’s something similar with luck reliabiliy. Every trader knows that there is no luck in trading, and traders should never rely on it. The same way is with auto trading tools. Of course they can be quite helpful in some cases, otherwise they can be harmfu for your deposit, because the system is imperfect and it’s hard to follow its way, hence there is a chance that it can fail one day.

all the same, working with autotuning is not so useful, you need to bring something of your own, and try your new ideas at work

Auto trading tools are very risky mostly because you can’t influence the dedcisions of such robotic technologies. In my opinion, traders always should rely only on themselves and there is no need to use various auto trading tools which can possible ruing your trading activity in case you’re a novice. So, try to trade by your own and never try to ease this activity. Those traders who always find ways to avoid risks, often bring much more risks in their life and then it leads to bad consequences. Nevertheless, if you want to do it, you can try and maybe you will be succeeded, noboy knows actually.

I personally can’t advice people to use auto trading tools mainly because we can’t control them. We just launch it and it starts to buy currency for example and the automatically sell it, however system isn’t perfect nowadays and it brings plenty of risks to consumers. In my opinion, only professional traders should use auto trading tools, mostly because they know how does the market work and what risks do they need to count. Actually, it’s not difficult to sort out how to interact with such tools, the mor difficult task is to acquire skills and knowledge in trading in order to start sorting out with auto trading tools.