Automated forex trading software

Exactly! it is a release to have somebody trade for you when you actually don’t know how to or have no time to do.

Do you ever found a reliable software which can indicate good signals ?

I have a whole platform that actually does the whole thing - good signals, profitable trades, protection against the followers, trading features specially designed only for that …check it out it is as good on demo as on life account !

There are very few (likely no) publicly available automated trading systems that you can simply buy that will generate reliable trading signals for you. Most systems (forex robots, etc.) pair some break-even strategy (maybe some form of crossover) with martingale position sizing. What is further troublesome is that many of these systems (most?) are run by internet marketers. If you don’t believe this, head over to flippa, and you will see these types of websites sold every now and then.

Note that even if you could obtain reliable signals, this alone wouldn’t assure success. You still have to consider a number of other things, like risk. Even following the classical example of trading two strategies, a profitable one and a negatively correlated one with zero returns, for example, would go a long way.

Nonetheless, there are powerful software packages that are essentially development platforms for automated trading. I’ve created one, for example, but this is for more advanced traders (e.g., firm-level). There are many available for retail traders too, which I assume characterizes you. If this is correct, I would recommend checking out Amibroker. I use it for making pretty looking charts, but a number of retail traders that I know find it user friendly with powerful features.

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