Automated forex trading software

List out the forex trading software with the auto control… This Listings on automated software can help the traders to choose the software regarding the category!

Forex Growth Bot
Midas Forex Robot
Forex Bullet Proof
WallStreet Forex Robot
Million Dollar Pips
DNA FX Trading
GPS Forex Robot
Orange Robot
Forex Real Profit EA…

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I only prefer to Zulutrade as Automated forex trading software.

You can pull a pretty comprehensive list of the most common EAs off most review sites,

What could potentially be useful is to sort them by:

-Single Currency or Multiple Currency Pairs
-Scalper(split into Range Trader or Breakout)/Intraday Trade/Grid Trader/Martingale/other trading styles
-Length of time since release(to be able to validate via live results)

Right guys! Share the list of EA, which you can suggest and gained real benefit! This must be useful to the traders to get the quality software… Thanks for the replies.!

How about a list with your forward results… (not back-tests)
Just Long term performers… by people who have run them… not copy/pasted results…

Maybe results returning over 10% per month?

I mean a list is pretty useless without results.

Start with the reviews in this forum. It is a bit more honest because you can see how they have been trading.

Hi RayBanz1983! Could you share details about cooltrade? What is the process of this? Either wholesale or just a forex software?

Has anyone tried the GPS Forex Robot? Impressive sales page for sure, but arent they all? Was hoping for some feedback and will most likely give this a try and report back.

Hello riley!
I havn’t tried, but having some hope on GPS forex robot from the forex robot reviews and the attached authorised proof…

Haley12 what is your experience with zulutrade and how that works?

why don’t open a free demo and check it out for yourself :wink:

Add Trade Copier EA (tradecopier dot com)

You can use PowerTradeCopier. It works without delay

Sports information traders introduce forex automation software it’s a revolutionary software which deals in online sports trading this is a new experience for sports lovers and can make more money via this software.

I thought we are discussing forex automated platfroms here!
Check out zulutrade :wink:

I’ve had bad experience with ZuluTrade (losses) myself and most EAs.

I am now trying out forex trade copy from signal providers.


So far I’ve made about £150 in two weeks, they’ve told me this was quiet period, well well.

Wish me luck.

Has anyone tried out, similar name but different company and I’m intrigued because they make promises of over 1000 pips which seems crazy and not so realistic as the one above.

Well you know that looses with zulutrade is only attributed to they way you manage your account? correct?
afterall, you cant expect that you will get 100% roi when you operate on 2000% + margin? xaxaxa
do the math yourself, it simply doesnt stand! :wink:

My account was managed fine, maybe I picked the wrong traders to follow, I tried 4, they were inconsistent and kept changing their tactics, one trader who was doing really well suddenly got greedy and started commission hunting which messed up all her followers. It ruined an otherwise good system.

Well, you should’ve changed them then!?
We all know that regardless how some traders behave, there are others that are also that good and different at the same time! man, what you are describing is not that much of a problem!
Also, we all know that it always test on demo prior to adding them on the live one!

The forex market is no exception. Nowadays, automated forex trading online gives you greater opportunities than ever before.One way to avoid forex market problem is to use an automated forex trading system. An automated forex trading system is a system based on preset rules that opens and closes trades automatically.