Automated Trading on TradingView

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I am trying to find out if my strategy can be coded and backtested in tradingview. It enters a trade with parameters#1 (position size, tp/sl) at cross over of my indicator and keeps it open until TP is hit or my indicators hits a limit. if it is profitable and indicator is under a limit, it opens another trade immediately with same parameters else opens a trade at different parameters…and keeps doing so. Is this something that can be coded in tradingview strategy and backtested for say 20 years? if not, which is best platform for this?

I have more than a decade of .net experience and I don’t mind hiring somebody to do this for me. I prefer tradingview as of now.

Thank you for helping out

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I don’t know what tradingview is, but all of that is a piece of cake on MT. I assume it will be easy on tradingview too. Read the manuals/guides


Yes absolutely. Your algorithm is a bit vague as you formulated above but it can positively be done in tradingview. With some broker it can even automate the opening and closing of positions, if you don’t work with those it can send you alerts that your alogirthm conditions have been met and you can send the order to your broker of choice.

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Hi , I would appreciate if you can provide the list of brokers that allow to automate tradingview strategy - Thanks!

There is a new invention called Google… :slight_smile:

But, the idea would take an MT4 less than an hour to code it… Why Tradingview?

No they are not provides any automated trading through tradingview.

Why would you want to write a strategy with that when 99.9% of the brokers use MT4?

You are right but tradingview does bring a few things on top of MT4 : 1) more markets (Commodities, futures, stocks, índices) 2) the ability of the EA/code to run 24/7 and provide you with alerts on your cellphone/app whereas you have to have MT4 up and running on your computer for the EA to be active as far as I understand (and be near your computer too). I am not 100% certain but it seems to me a major advantage (I’m on the go a lot and could not be near my computer or keep it running to monitor open trades for days). By all mean if I am wrong do tell me

Hi bro who are the top Tradingview experts developers ?

MT4 files it’s just a donation to scammers

It is totally possible to do it. There is a software I know of, which integrates itself to tradingview for getting signals. I guess it will be able to satisfy your needs. The software is called APIBridge and is provided by a company called Algoji. It has the ability to integrate directly with TradingView, NinjaTrader, Mt4, Excel and some other software I do not recall correctly. I guess you can visit their website and give the software a go. It has a free papertrading mode which you can use to make sure the software is as per your requirements.


You can give their software a go whenever you feel like.
It also has all the backtesting and papertrading facilities which I feel would be of great benefit to you.

I use TradingView only to watch, don’t automatize that

Hi. I am interested also in hiring someone to turn my idea into automated trading using tradingview.

Did you ever find someone that could do that for you?

I found a way to use trading view notifications with an external system (written in python) to integrate with OANDA which allows it to do real time trading from trading view signals.

You can do that on software super easily. It is Cleo one, they solely focused on automated trading and you create your strategies by just typing and backtest them right away. No need for any coding knowledge at all. Their indicators are in alignment with the trading view as well. I can suggest checking them out.

I did simple strategy for my client in TradingView looks good so far. On every signal we get an alert thats
very useful.