Automated way to be in 20% of profitable traders

I’ve struggled with getting out of trades before full reversal, repeatedly.

Since you have no TP set, what is your exit strategy then?


I have 2 scenarios for exit of profitable trades.

  1. “modified” breakeven.
  2. end of my trading session.

Ok, so last week was lossy…

…But check the whole month results :wink: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi Everyone,

Last week was so busy that I forgot to publish curve.

So, this is first week of November:

And this is second:

Last week wasn’t generous.

Last week of November was pretty profitable but…

Whole month was closed on small loss.

That surely does depend on the EA that’s being used.

First week of December

Second week of December, soon I will make a summary of 2019 ​:wink:

It’s been a while since last post. As I wrote last time, it is time for a little summary.
Trading on presented account started on 1st of March 2019.
Since then 1205 trades were made. Maximal drawdown was 17.37%.
Total profit 70% and accuracy 67,05%.
It was moderate year - statistically correct.

Below curve of capital since 2nd of January

@dpaterso I am waiting for your sarcastic jokes :smiley:

13 - 17.01

20 - 26.01

27 - 31.01

January 2020

3 - 9.02

10 - 16.02

17 - 23.02

24 - 29.02

And whole February

2 - 8.03

9 - 15.03

16 - 22.03

23 - 29.03