Automatic Honorary FX-Men List

I’d like to make a request for an automatic Honorary FX-Men List. At present if it wasn’t for a few threads that get made by other members, there isn’t any way to find out who we/they are…and that just seems wrong!

So, how about it?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Good idea!

Maybe it could be possible to sort the BP members list by no of posts or something like that?

Yes, that and perhaps listing the “posting statistics” that comes from the profiles …like: date of most recent post, thread name of most recent post, average posts per day, link to display those threads or posts…kinda thing.

…and…send a welcome or congrats post to the new fx-men member from you admins & moderators!


You can. When your on the member list, just click the Post table header and it will sort by posts in descending order.

Duh!!! :o

Maybe I’ll check things like that first in the future…

Hmm, I’m noticing that banned members like Tymen don’t show when sorting by post count.

True, but if one wants the complete list of the present and past members with the most posts…

It might be useful as well to be able to sort by post count and date of last activity, that way one could skip members who haven’t been logged on to BP for ages.

Just a thought. Time to do some cooking now :slight_smile:

Banned members have been purged from the Members List, but (in most cases) their posts are still on the forum. You can use the Search box (the regular one at the top of each page) to find posts by banned members (if you remember their screen names). When you find one of their posts, you’ll have their final post-count at the time they were banned.

I looked up two that way: Tymen - 4,629 posts. And mp6140 - 1,056 posts.

It’s laborious, but you could assemble a list this way.

Hey there!

This is a brilliant idea especially the second one. We suck for not even thinking of this in the first place! :frowning:

But yes! We’ll have something in place for this one (your second suggestion at least) within the week! :slight_smile:

As for the first one, we’ll have to get in touch with our devs and see what we can do about this. I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks again Julie. :slight_smile:


Hi Julie,

Is there a way of seeing how many ‘status’ points you’re on, or the points required to move up the ranks to Senior Member etc?

Thanks in advance,



Quick update, four years later…

The list of Honorary FX_(Wo)Men now has 83 members; however, of those there are ten between

Verified Broker Support, Analyst, and banned members, etc.

Thus, the total of (relatively) active members in this category is 73;

considering that there are 480079 users currently on Babypips,

the Honorary FX-(Wo)Men group consists of 0.01% of the total membership on Babypips!

This makes us a little more special, in some way… I am still figuring out in what way (hopefully a good way)!

This must be the loosest use of the word “currently” I’ve ever seen. :wink:

@LaughingCharlie You are right, there is no easy way to know how many of those members are:

  1. active;
  2. banned;
  3. ‘current’!


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So what is a “FX-Men Honourary Member” ?

The title doesn’t seem to appear in the “Hierarchy” as shown and when I click on the label, it says “Access Denied”.

It’s just a title from the old BP website that you could gain if you posted enough, it got carried over to the new layout also, but only as a flat title (You can’t earn it if you don’t already have it).

I used to have it too before resetting my account here - it just means you have too much time on your hands :thinking:


Oh wow. You’ve been here for a long time! What was your old username, if I may ask? :slight_smile:

It’s been changed to @anon88459104

I’m sure the rest is obvious :wink:

Damn. Almost 3k. You’re a household name here! What made you reset your account? Honestly, from your first posts here as BaconSandwich, I thought English wasn’t your first language. Ha! No wonder the succeeding posts were way different :laughing:

Let’s just say I had one to many slaps on the wrist from the Admin here, so I decided to leave and come back as more of a passive reader with the occasional input, i’ve got nothing to prove - it’s better that way for me and the Forums etiquette.

When you invest so much time here in the past you start to become in a bubble, shooting down what you know is wrong but still getting the usual fan club trying to say otherwise. Now it’s more fun watching people learn from there mistakes which at the end of the day is the best way to learn, right! :slight_smile:

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You’re that one? I was starting to think you knew your way around. Can’t keep away from the place, though?