Average Daily Trading Range

From the day opening and throughout the Asian session, the market is drifting up and down on both sides from the opening price within a 30 to 50-pip then 60 to 150 pips

in this thread we can discus and post every day’s daily trading range.

EURUSD Today Feb - 13 - 2012 Trading Range - YouTube

why, whats the purpose, what do you intend to discuss.

I cant really suggest many motivational facts about daily ranges, for one they are rather constant within a given average.

ADR helps to exit wrong trades in retrace, counter trend trader like me daily range is most important.

Yes, true … but, like Jezzode said, those ranges are pretty much the same every day, with only very slight variations.

While they are important, there isn’t really much to discuss about.


P.S.: Yo Leandar, nice to see you again after not having heard from you for quite some time. How’s trading going?

I believe its best to take good oportunities, instead of making a daily trading range.

Maximum up and down range today

EURUSD Today 14 Feb 2012 4H Chart Trading Range - YouTube

I understand the concept of ADR but i dont know where this thread is going. Just saying that it exists?

i will buy from this place (31600) tp before 32060 we can place SL but i prefer buy again from that 2 down side, what you think?

Not entirely sure either so I’m going to hijack it a little bit! How do people feel about using atr as a trailing stop loss? 2atr wide enough?

first target reached

Today 14 Feb 2012 EURUSD 1 Hour Chart Forex Trading Range - YouTube

1.30918 also reached, NY closing time. now scalping time

Today’s trading range

EURUSD Today 15 Feb 2012 Forex Trading Range - YouTube

yesterday finish at 1.30271 last down target