Avoid the news

Hi folks
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I am new to all this but have spotted something that might be useful on the Technical verses the Fundumental approach.It’s probably already been said here somewhere but I wil state it as I see it and see what people think.

I know the fundumentalist hang on to every bit of news that comes out on the microeconomic front,and that some techies ignore this news at their peril.
Most big economic indicators are well publicised with the various economic calenders on the web,so wouldn’t it be a good idea to acknowledge the existence of the news but completely avoid trading n before,during and after the fundumental news is released.
This would make the technical analysis a little more stable.
Just a thought:)

Well we should not create a conflict between both the trading analyses; it�s just all about the Forex trading and analysis you like or which type of analysis you like according to your trading style or according to market. As the Forex market differs from conventional stock markets, it has different trading analysis patterns. Accepting both the patterns and pertaining to the Forex market will allow you to make a strategy and a style of trading that is preeminent suited to your risk lenience and your monetary goals.

Go to forexfactory.com It gives release dates and times for most major news events can be set to your own timezone.

The thing I’ve found is that news can have no effect, make a unnoticeable blip or create a huge move, and it’s a crap shoot trying to guess which one will happen. You can really get screwed thinking some unimportant event won’t have an effect and then just trading anyways right around that news time.

I, like I’m sure a lot of traders, simply don’t enter trades around news. It’s easy enough to spot, at least on my broker. The spread widens for a few minutes around the news. So, I just wait until the spread widening is over and usually the effect of the news is gone after that.