AVOID Traderess Course SCAM Malaikah Raja | Mohammed Fuaadh | Mo Nadeem 24HourTradingAcademy

This company was originally called 24HourTradingAcademy ran by Mohammed Fuaadh, he left the United Kingdom around Covid to avoid charges for Fraud, his girlfriend at the time Malaikah Raja now his wife, also ran a company at the same time Traderess, “helping females” in trading. Shortly after Fuaadhs company got shut down. Him and his wife decided to run Traderess as the main source to promote their Course and Signals.

Traderess transitioned from just female clients to all gender based clients all around the world, the course they promote is very basic with content used from Babypips,

The course they are selling ranges from £1500-£2000, Over 3000 Clients and LITTLE TO NO REAL REVIEWS from clients showing how they are doing after the course.

I will attach all supporting references to this company and the owners. Do your due dilligence and learn yourself instead of relying on these guys.

Malaikah Raja the so called “CEO” of Traderess is just a pawn to the overall rubbish. Her husband Mohammed Fuaadh and his friend still living in London Mohammed Nadeem, mostly run the course. You will have no interaction with Malaikah Raja after payment, and during the course.

She is just a marketing expert, she and her husband studied marketing in University, so they know how to sell shampoo to a bald guy.

THEY DO NOT TRADE, the fancy lifestyle they promote on social media is fuelled by their customers, you can do the maths yourself with the amount of customers they had which is more than 45 Million British pounds.

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Hi, is there a point to this post and what help are you asking of forum members?
Stuff like this happens all the time. And not just in Forex. Caveat emptor

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Personally, I think there is a very good point to this.
Although some traders have been around long enough to be fully aware of such risks, there are new people entering the industry all the time - and Babypips is a popular starting point for them as, indeed, Babypips is intended to be.

Although the FCA mentions 24HRTA, @Theapprentice97 is also drawing attention to another related company which may still be operating. In which case, the link to the 24HRTA is a good heads up warning to anyone who may be considering paying them money.

I think this is all perfectly relevant and current?

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