Avoid trading during Events

Dear Fellas, Yesterday i good losses during trading EUR/USD short positions . I was expecting good move in USD due to good set of numbers on ISM but happens opposite EUR gain more . So please avoid trading during event time can do it after 1-2 hours when clear trend is set .

Few good learning :slight_smile:
1.Don’t trade agains Trend follow the trend.
2.use only 1% as your trading exposure in particular trade ex if you have 10K USD worth of capital put SL on 100$
3. Also, don’t trade with smaller amounts as this will not give you flexible to hold your position whenever market go against you slightly as your margin required will be needed and needs to top so please arrange minimum trading capital like 500-1k at least .

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If you don’t have understand of what effect the news will have, yes, agree, don’t trade news. But my suggestion would be to study current market conditions and how news will effect the market.

Always check upcoming news events before placing trades

Refer to calendar on this site, or use Forex Factory, which I personally use, forewarned is forearmed.

It’s true that there is a surge in volatility during events and prices move unexpectedly, Unless you have a very solid plan for such events, avoid engaging in trading.

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Yes, I use forexfactory too. That’s a good site.

Depends really. I wouldn’t intentionally trade an event, but I’ll keep my limits/trades open during news.

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