B-Forex is it scam?

Dear all,
I have opened account with Bforex. Now I made some good profit.When I asked for withdrawal they ask all documents and delaying one or other reason.It has mentioned in FPA is scam?So it B forex is real scam?Is it possible to get my money back?Any suggestion.Will FPA help or I should directly file complain to Bulgeria ministry of interior with cyber crime as they mention their office is in Sofia.
Please suggest how to get back my money Even I dont want profit but I should get my money back.

Thanks in advance.

what are your deposit methode .? if you use credit card i think you can fill chargeback with your bank .
how much money that you depositing there?
what are their reason asking you all of documents and delaying withdrawal request?

i never use brokerage services that mentioned and labelled scam by FPA
only trade with tickmill and primus and wont try another broker in near future as long as tickmill give me amazing and professional services ,.

Thanks for quote
I paid 3000 US dollar and they sent me form which they ask I have paid for same creditcard for verification.They dont reply any thing.I just got mail your withdrawal request rejected without mentioning reason.
Now what to do to get money back?Shall I submit in FPA but it is labelled scam in this so will it be helpful?
Thanks in advance.

I haven’t used B-Forex before, But I believe if you have a reason to doubt them then you had better check it well. I also know that, almost all brokers need those documents for verification purposes. It like that for almost all brokers. But anyway, I hope you got your money back, let us know!

seems to be scam – I googled and they don’t seem to be regulated at all.
I hope you still able to get your money back.
Make sure any broker you to is regulated.

not only regulated, but regulated with a reputable authority. Regulations like Cysec can be bought and make sure the regulation was not “passported” into the FCA. This means basically the FCA will only complain to the regulating authority they allowed passporting in. ex: CySec can passport into FCA meaning they can show off FCA and Cysec, when in reality it is only as good as CySec but for those who dont know, they think it is FCA good, which it really isnt. Check ASIC, FCA (non passported status unless it comes form an equally reputable regular like ASIC).