Babypips appreciation post ^O^

The spoils go to the victor! Last month, this cat won in the Babypips trading journal giveaway. This cat would like to thank Babypips for the pawesome goodies! Thank you!

Look what the cat dragged in! ^O^

2 of @Pipcrawler 's favorite books are now my favorite books too!

My cat “Tigger” appreciates it too and says thanks (coz he is gonna love the box the books came in)

To the folks behind Babypips, THANK YOU! @Ananais @Penelopip and other awesome people

Nibble nibble

PS One of my kittens (niece) immediately took the sticker and button and she refuses to givv it bakk even for pictures. haha… but she says thank you too. ^~^

May you break resistances and reach new highs. :slight_smile:


We’re glad you’ve received your well-deserved prize, @Imperator_Cat!


Thanks, ma’am! Stay pawesome, babypips! :smiley:

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Your cat seems have something great to say no matter what. I do appreciate that much what you have done for it. And I never got any parcels from babypips, so really not sure how do they look, it’s all new damn things for me anyway. So I am happy to see that.


OMG! :heart: Congratulations @Imperator_Cat. :sunny: I agree. :smiley: This is well-deserved! Good luck to us in the coming weeks! :smiley: Christmas came early for you ah. :wink:

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Thanks my favorite hooman! Yess it’s Chwistmas time early thanks to Babypips! ^O^
Meowwrry Christmas, Ria! ^O^

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Haha. :smiley: I love how we Filipinos are already celebrating Christmas, when it’s not even December yet! :smiley: :joy:

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Time flies so fast. 41 days till Christmas! :christmas_tree:

Congratulations @Imperator_Cat! I agree with ria that you deserve that prize. Happy reading! :wink:

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Wonderful photos! Your cat is so cute! :heart_eyes_cat:

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Thank you, my kitty friend! I shall try to be helpful and informative to the community more and more. Meowwry Christmas to you and your family! Happy learning and earning, mifriend! :cat:
(Yiss, greeting in advance coz I might not be online on the week of Chwistmas. hihi…)

My cat says thank you! You are pawesome, Babypips people. Keep it up! :heart_eyes_cat:

I would like to say i think is a very nice website, innovative and user friendly. Well done whoever runs it. Thanks.

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