Babypips appreciation

Hi I know the journey will be long but I couldn’t continue without appreciating pipcrawler. For more experienced traders i know you will spot some mistakes in my trading plan but I do know I have alot to learn yet still. Just made 797 pips on my third trade thanks to PIPCRAWLER!!!

You made 797 pips ON ONE TRADE ??? hehe

are you sure about that ?
are you sure i’ts not 79.7 pips ?

what instrument
what was the open price and close price ?

Mate, you’d be the first newbie to score 797 pips in one trade if you actually did that

Maybe what can I say…but i’ll sure get back to you in the future once I come up with a profitable system…but am pretty sure the price broke through the cloud.

this doesn’t really say a lot
i mean… this is your hand writing

also, i notice it’s an old trade
also you have not noted the entry price or exit price

are you able to look up the trade in your terminal ?
i think it’s more likely that you made a mistake
i mean at 0.3 Lots $3 per pip and you made 797
that would mean you would have made $2391 in one trade

Yeah maybe i’m wrong just graduated recently and i still haven’t come up with system thats why i haven’t indicated the stop loss and take profit values. But thats not gonna hold me down because 2 years from now I will look back at this conversation with a broader mind and just laugh at it like shit never happened.

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and that’s fine…
and if you really did score that many pips,
in one way, that’s awesome
in another way… consistancy is more important than a one off

but, i’m curious,
what was the entry and exit price of the trade and the amount you made
we know the lot size was 0.30 Lots
so if we have the rest, we can figure it out

i mean… clearly you made a right decision
and 79 pips is still good

hey mate… even 7.9 pips is good… ok as long as it’s consistant
but if you scored 797 pips hehe

don’t be stingy now… share it with the forum
and that way when you put up the photo, years from now , you’ll look back and say

so was it 797 or 79.7

My device cannot uppload the photo only the camera option pops up when i click upload but maybe you can check on the mt4 platform for the USDCAD pair at around 21.46pm and please get back to me

You could also place the ichimoku indicator on your graph

you dont’ need to upload the photo

just find the entry price
the exit price
the amount of profit

just type it in

This is the entry price

ok, thanks


Entry = 1.24789
Buy Trade
Take profit = 1.25676

25676 -


that’s 887 points

i thought so
it’s 88.7 pips… so let’s say 88 pips

now at $3 per pip you would have made approx. $264

that’s about right… yeah ?

Like i said
you would have been the first newbie ever to have done this :stuck_out_tongue:

:grin:its a big win though for me considering that i used 1:1 levarage. Its quite motivating but now i have a new mission to hit 887 pips​:wink:

No No… of course it is
and i’m not taking away the glory… not by any means

it just struck me as strange that you would have hit 797 pips
which, we have discovered 2 things

  1. You didn’t , instead it was 79 pips
  2. you really hit that though, because YOUR CALCULATION WAS OFF,
    you really hit 88 pips
    so… why were you 9 pips off ? would be a good question

now that’s great though… good on you

but as for this

  1. it’ll never happen
  2. even if it does, WHAT’S THE POINT, there is none

Mate, i’ve been doing this for 7 years ok

Trust me, if you can score CONSISTANTLY 10 pips a day, you are doing well
but you are not going to get 887 pips a day

if you want a mission

be cool dude
do the victory dance
you had a good win… be proud

we salute such a brave and heroic trader such as yourself
history will remember your name
your name will be reverred for generations to come


700+ pips in a trade? How many weeks it took to get your TP?

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i think it was a day trade LOL

No… he just didn’t know how to read it… fair mistake

Just a mistake was 88 pips

Can you shed some light on high frequency trading in the fx market and how it can be used to the advantage of a retailer

Oh; thanks for the correction! But, what is pipcrawler?


Mate, i’m on a mission to knock the laziness out of newbies… ok


i’m not having a go or being rude, (just in case you think i am) but i do want you to take initiative to research before asking questions
and not just you… EVERY NEWBIE

Pipcrawler is a Moderator

see that frankenstein’s monster looking thing

there are several moderators on this site
Bib Pippin
Go to Babypips Education right at the beginning and they introduce themselves to you

also typing pipcrawler into the search bar would have shown you this

now, in fairness to you
pipcrawler could have been an indicator or something… right ?

fair enough, but, why don’t you research it and find out and tell us where you went and what you found

at least that shows effort is being put in.
Newbies get really lazy with asking questions
they don’t give two stuffs to research , they just ask

MY ADVICE… get out of that habit… it’s a very bad and lazy habit that will ultimately lead you into loss when trading.

but to answer your question PIPCRAWLER IS A MODERATOR
and the OP has had JEDI GUIDANCE from PIPCRAWLER and he is wnting to express his appreciation because he thought he racked in over 700 pips LOL

Now. he did actually rack up around 80 or 90 pips, i can’t remember exactly so THAT’S GREAT and he wants to thank pipcrawler
that’s all it was

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