I’ve been going through the BABYPIPs school of PIPology and I noticed links to several blogs such as PIPCRAWLER, etc.

Is there a list of these blogs and which one of these gentlemen focuses on fundamental and technical analysis. That is what I am interested in.

Furthermore, how can I start a blog myself?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Look at the top of the site and you’ll see the Blogs tab.

I see it but…

Is there a certain blogger I can focus on that trades a combination of fundamentals and technicals and posts only these type of trades or does this type of trading applies to all.

I am a blogger (in my native language, not English). From my experience, don’t hesitate to start your blog. Just write what you want first and then gathering reader feedback or try to promote your blog to attract more visitors, especially the organic search (Google engine). You won’t know what to do until you start working on it. Turn on your machine and write now :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply, bengi!

I must ask, from your experience, what key information I should include in my blog?

The names of the blogs (listed at left) give you an indication of what each one focuses on. Flip through them to see which - if any - appeals to you.

Thank you. I plan on reading these blogs to take a look at how they think when looking at charts and see if I can learn some trade psychology.

Good idea? I hope so. :slight_smile: