Babypips explanation of gartley 222 pattern, wrong?

In the babypips course, the rules for the gartley 222 is this:

1: Move AB should be the .618 retracement of move XA.
2: Move BC should be either .382 or .886 retracement of move AB.
3: If the retracement of move BC is .382 of move AB, then CD should be 1.272 of move BC. Consquently, if move BC is .886 of move AB, then CD should extend 1.618 of move BC.
4: Move CD should be .786 retracement of move XA

I’ve tried to make this add up in my charting software, but I think something is wrong, unless I’m a complete idiot!

First, if move BC is .382 of AB, then CD should be 1.618. NOT 1.272 as they say. Similarly, if BC is .886 of AB, then CD should be 1.272. NOT 1.618 as they say.

Secondly, using the numbers they provide, CD never becomes anything close to .786 retracement of XA. Rather, if you use “my” numbers, it retraces to .764 every single time.

I know people argue back and forth about wether to use .786 of .764, but in this case, it seems the latter is the one to use…

So… Am I wrong, or have I found an error in the course?

Can you please add any relevant chart (for easy understanding)?

This is just one of the several examples I could show. Sorry about the slightly off numbers; it was somewhat difficult to get the numbers perfectly exact, but you get the point.

bumping post. would love an answer!