Babypips freeze-up at 6 pm every day?

Why does this website freeze up for about 2 minutes at exactly 6 pm ET every day?

And, while I have your attention, please scroll back one post to my plea for relief from that

“stupid tag thingy”.


Clint, took me about 2 hours to post this evening, reason why I couldn’t be bothered most times, I’d guess down to advertisers’ scripts and poor management.

Likely I’ll have to copy this reply a few times, but I suppose there’s little that will change - ok, hit the ‘post quick reply’ for a slow response.

Edit: took only one refresh to make the post happen, so now the edit test.

same here.

on firefox and chrome i can not login into this webside anymore with 2 different computers aswell. when i manage to login, which is rarely, i can not post reply or do anything. whatever i try it only keeps loading for hours but never finishes loading.

since days i can only post with my sellphone.

it has an upside thou it spares the community from my very long boring hard to read posts as with phone im too lazy to tipe.