BabyPips In Hebrew

Dear BabyPips,
In order to help others within my country to learn Forex trading, I decided to translate your course to Hebrew and send it to them as word files in the same order which shown in your website.

Before I’m going any further and distribute it to others, I would like to get your kind confirmation to do so due to copyrights rules.
At the first page on the table of contents I will add your website and mention you as the creators of the course.

I would like to declare that this is made from a good will only and the translated version of your course will not cost any charges due to the translation for anyone.

Waiting for your response,
Thanks in advance,
Bar Yohai Vaknin.

Hmmm. :thinking: It might be better if you send them an email about this? :open_mouth: I’m not sure if they can easily see this message with all the posts everyday. :open_mouth:

Hey Ria,
Thank you for your response.
I’ve sent them an email one week ago, tried also via facebook and instagram and I can’t get an answer.

Hello @BaryV,

Thanks for your persistence. Personal copies to your friends are fine. Hosting translated materials on any 3rd party website isn’t allowed. That’s what we’ve written into our Terms of Service since day 1 in 2005.

Unauthorized reproductions, whether translated or not, tend to make the rounds on the Internet, whether intended or not, especially on torrent websites. Nefarious individuals like to take these downloads and sell (successfully in many cases) them off as their own, to unknowing customers.

We don’t sell any of our content at this time - it’s ALL free. But that’s only possible because of advertising revenue we make from people coming to our website.

I know English is not the preferred language of most of the world. But it’s currently the only language we have resources to support. Hopefully that makes sense.