Babypips very slow?!

Hi guys and girls,

Am I the only one who is experiencing that the babypips site is very slow (and I mean very slow) since the last week?

Do you mean loading? Or people posting? It’s always seemed to load slow to me. That’s one of the main reasons I use the iPhone app even when I have access to the site via computer. As for people posting yes also a little slow this past week. It seems to get like then when the markets slow down.

My used to be slow with IE but since I switched to Chrome it did start to load quicker.

I am using Chrome and It is working fine for me. It is not slow.

Thanks for the replies. It seems it is just me. Now it works fine, but in the afternoon it is terrible. I am afraid I will have to search on my own computer for a solution. Thanks for the confirmation.

I use Firefox.

School pages loading VERY slowly today on Mac. Takes about 60 secs or more on each.
What can one do?

Occasionally the site seems to be down (and by occasionally I mean once in a few weeks) and that fixes itself after a few minutes but other than that I haven’t had any problems with loading times.

I would recommend Chrome. I’ve used IE, Firfox and Microsoft Edge… and Chrome is the fastest :slight_smile:

I occasionally experience slowness but for the most part there’s no problem. The site works well for me.