Babypips website in French, does it exist?

I am building an Investments and Wealth Program plus membership Club. I am getting a number of enquiries from people in French-speaking nations. I am in England and do not speak french but would like to be able to point them to the excellent resource of Babypips, but not sure if there is a web version in french or whether the site can be accurately used with online translation apps/software. Anyone have any insight on this for me?

Connect it to your Google translator

Hey TheQuattromanTrades,

Sorry for the delay in responding. The only official version of our website and related content is in English. @Yassine11 does make a great suggest with Google Translator. It can prompt readers to translate a website if it detects that the default language on the user’s device is different from the website. However, it’s not 100% perfect, as we use a lot of slang. And with a technical and somewhat niche topic, there will definitely be areas where the auto translate feature of Google Translate will come up short.

Hopefully that can work for you.


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Thank you for the information

I don’t know about BP being in French, some people can’t understand what’s posted in English…