Back from vacation! Happy New Year! :)

OMGGG. It’s finally 2022. :blush: Please let this be much better than the past couple of years. :crossed_fingers: Anyway, I’m back from my holiday vacation with the family. :smiley: What did I miss? How did you guys celebrate the holidays? :blush: Good luck to our trading this year!


Happy New Year, ria_riose! :tada:
I too hope this year will be kinder to all of us than the past two!

Really hope so @mlawson71! :pray: How have you been? With the rising Omicron cases around the world, I hope you and your family are safe and healthy. :open_mouth:

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A few hours ago I got the news that a very close family member of mine has passed away after a long struggle with covid. I’m heart-broken.

Oh no. :frowning: Condolences mlawson! :frowning: I’ll be including your family in my prayers.

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Thank you, ria_rose. Take care of yourself.