Back in saddle, YEEHAA!

Well after having a short break I finally got back in the saddle Tuesday night I pulled the pin and made a trade, do I believe all traders however experienced or how long someone has traded needs to take a break and getaway from their trading desk I sure do.
Even if your a successful trader FX produces a mental fatigue, you may not realise it and I’m sure their are traders who will tell me they eat, sleep and weep trading and mind and body are that of well trained SAS soldier.
But everybody needs time to relax and recover, and by breaking away not even looking at financial news, what currency, indices, commodity has just sky rocketed or plunged to the depths and you were not on the ride, so what like a number 9 bus the ride will come along again for sure.
Wind down, chill out, I felt my trading improved this week, I was more focused, felt energised and i had cleared my mind of all the noise being generated around trading in the previous weeks.
Try it you might come back to trading with a fresh outlook.
This week traded Tuesday to Friday afternoon, took a few trades involving GBP.
22.4 pips up for the week.
GBP/AUD short best trade
GBP/USD long worst trade (one of those trades where I got it right went against me and rebounded)
63% hit rate
0.30% + Account Change
Live Trade GBP/NZD short
Happy trading people.

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