Back Testing Software

Can someone suggest a good back testing software?

I’ve been trying to do it in Meta Trader, but for one thing, when I go back in the charts to find an entry signal and try to avoid looking forward … when you zoom out to look at further back history, you end up seeing the more recent history.

I’m looking for a way to have the software print the candlesticks slowly as a test my strategies.

Any help would be appreciated.


Ye, the autoscroll is annoying as heck. Took me a while to figure out how to disable it.

You can click on the highlighted icon (ref scr shot) or right click on chart and deselect “Auto Scroll”

Another useful hint for backtesting on MT5 is hitting “Enter” on the keyboard while you’re viewing a chart. That opens up a while input text box on the bottom left of your chart, where you can enter a date (format dd-mm-yy will work) to quickly navigate to a past date. Super useful if you’re watching lower timeframes like H1 and below.

Once you go back to the timeframe you need and fine tune your view on the right side, you just hit F12 to shift the chart candle by candle.


Thank you for the tips!

Is there a way to block out / not see what’s in front?

So I like zooming out so I can see history further back, but when you do that, you end up seeing what’s in front too which spoils any trade idea I would have had.

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I didn’t find a way around that issue. Zooming out caused it to reveal prices I was anticipating. My zoom level by default now is what you see in the 2nd scr shot. To get to see finer detail I’d have lower time frames opened in other windows that I’d use as a “zoom”. But that’s my personal workaround.

I’m still relatively new and there might be other workarounds (strategy tester with a blank EA maybe?). I also don’t use tradingview and that has a replay option that makes backtesting a lot easier. Don’t know if this is available in the free version though. Might be worth looking into.

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Yes. same here. New to back testing. Mostly been doing demo forward testing.

Thanks for the advice. Lots of trial and error ahead. Hahaha


The Trading Heroes YT channel has some vids on backtesting, including ones specifically for MT5/MT4, etc. Those helped me immensely. It might give you some ideas too.

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Oh yeah, I’ve seen this guy before. Looks like there’s basic system called ThinkTrader he’s showing. Looks kind of basic, but if I can find it and get it working, hopefully it has enough to do what I’m looking for. Not looking for anything fancy really. I just want to do a simple back test while the forward times print one by one instead of already being there. Looks like that system he’s showing might do that.

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Backtesting software comparison & MT5 Backtesting beginner’s guide. Believe he was using and was partial to Forex Tester but decided to test what else was out there.

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I think it is very important to predict the market sentiment. However, if you get backtesting software, it will be much better to do the analysis.

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You can back test on MT4 i think. I like manually backtesting sinks in more

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Download Forex Tester 4 for free , it’s exactly what you need is your best friend!

I think it costs to subscribe to it but just get the free demo you’ll get a while without paying.

I do all my backtesting on there.

Hope this helps.