Backtesting crosses with USD account

Hello traders. I have a question for you. When backtesting a cross for example EURJPY with a USD account and do position size calculation using a calculator, how do you go about getting the right exchange rate for the USD since you would have to go back in time exactly at the point of entry in the backtest to get it right instead of using current exchange rate? This is one of the reasons I haven’t done any cross backtesting. Any input is appreciated.

I hope I am posting in the right section as it is a topic on risk management

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I’m not sure I understand. The buy/sell price at any given point is the exchange rate. Is it not?

Meaning, you’re already looking at it, aren’t you?

If you look at the baby pips position size calculator for EURJPY It asks you for the current USDJPY in order to calculate the proper position size. Thing is if you are using data from 2 years ago for backtesting how would you know what the USDJPY was back in time at the time of the trade?

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You can switch between buy/sell views on the platform. This will give you buy/sell prices at anytime.

Could you elaborate on it. What exactly do you mean? What is buy/sell views?

I think it’s best for you to complete Pipsology. Have you completed it? Your question gives me the impression you haven’t finished yet. Being familiar with buy/sell price is very basic. You probably will have more questions that can be answered by completing this course.