Backtesting Methods


I’d like to know what ways people backtest systems. As a newbie to Forex/trading …and having never traded live… I’m manually backtesting a system using nothing more than excel and clicking through bars on MT4.

Whereas I think this exercise has a lot of value for me (solidifying my understanding of stops, risk, position size and generally working with charts) there must be smarter ways of doing this for slightly more experienced traders.

The one caveat is that, at the moment, I’m not interested in coding EA’s, I think the learning time cost would be disproportionate to the benefits I would see from it with my limited Forex experience. Perhaps later down the line when I’ve invested more time/know what I’m getting from trading and think EA’s will improve my systems/trading I will look at them but for now I’m after shortcuts, tips, tricks, tools and whatever advice people have to offer. Anything I can use when backtesting which would improve my current, very basic, methods would be greatly appreciated!