Bad Luck in Trading

Hi traders,

Something is wrong. How can I be so, so unlucky when it comes to trading. I’m trading a demo account and so many times, I’ve seen price come within 0.1 pips within my profit target and the price will reverse and go take out my stop-loss like it wasn’t nothing. Also, while I’m trying to perfect my strategies, I opened up a Zulutrade account. I picked three good historical traders. First one opened up 2 trades and lost me money. The second trader was able to open up 2 trades also and he won 6 pips on one and lost 50 pips on the second one. That trade went -50 pips very quickly. Then the third trader came in and also placed a losing trades and now I’m facing a drawdown and I can only hope that my account recover. Historically, it has always been difficult to overcome a drawdown. So my question is this: Does anyone else face such bad faith? I feel that if all the bad luck would just go away, I can be a profitable trader. I see people on Facebook making 150% return trading on Nadex in a month, while I’m trying to breakeven.


If you are following some one, you cannot judge by only a few trades. You have to check the results after some months. Only a few trades don’t bring out the results that you may be looking for.

Thanks forexcrisp,

I’m going to stick with them a few months and hope for the best. I just thought that 1 for 6 is a very bad start and it seems like things like this keep on happening.

If you want to follow someone, why not someone on here like Maryo Cairo. You can look at his record on here, looks pretty good to me

Hi Bern,

Just couple of motivation sentences for you.
Bad Luck maybe something that you want to hug them not avoid them.
Because someone who able to tame it’s odd can achieve succes for a longer term than people who just get lucky.

Let says, people lucky to get 1 million dollars lottery, he got it because of luck and have no experience to work his way to get this million dollars. do you ever heard people who got lottery built super company that go bancrupt only in months.
so your drawdown this time Maybe an experience you can learn one or two things in order you can choose people more carefully in the future.

In something that can produce you money including forex and other business, before you follow someone please make sure you master it first. trust me this is what i’m doing the whole life to not get tricked or disappointed. because you cannot choose which is profitable and which is fraud.

Bad Luck can be overcome by knowledge and experience.
Because what? i experience this myself. i have bad luck in choosing something.
Do you ever play even and odd in dice? it should be 50:50 change right? my best score average of winning is about 25% all the time if i just play it by mere luck.
The same what i did in Trading stocks and forex. if i trade just by my luck. to be honest i will have nothing even place for sleep. so i trade by experienced and knowledge and set aside my luck. Human exist in very long time not just because of mere luck. they learn to win againts the odd.

So Keep Learning and never give up, someday will come you able to choose people wisely.


My account at Zulutrade is right back at breakeven. I’m all about gaining experience. One of the frustrating things about the forex education industry now, is all the blackbox indicators that marketers want to sell you. They want you to be dependent on their indicator so that you can finance their losses, if they trade. Another thing, a lot of the stuff that is sold, is crap and these products usually have a no refund policy because they know when you receive the product and it is a moving average crossover, then you’re likely to request your money back. Anyhow, it seems like things have turned around over the past few days.

A link to what he has to offer would be great. Thanks

Hae all am new in babypips trying to learn and increase my experience have being using different demo account but I don’t seem to make more profits…I lose more than win what could I be doing wrong…will appreciate your feedbacks thank you.

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