Bank Holidays

Apologies if this has been asked before - I did look, but could not find a recent thread on it - but I am interested in views from people on here, as among my own trader friends I have received a mixed bag of responses so thought I would widen the pool of answers:

Do you trade Bank Holidays?

For my own part, I don’t trade on a day where a country has a Bank Holiday whose currency is included in one of the Major Pairs. So for instance, I am out today as both USD and JPY have Bank Holidays.

So what does everyone else think? Do you trade Bank Holidays like normal days, do you trade them but more cautiously than normal or with other special rules in place (do share if you feel like it!) or do you ignore the fact that it is a Bank Holiday and just treat it like any other trading day?

Thank you in advance for any responses!


Hey ST
I’m still having a punt, but with lower lot sizes, but then again what do i know?

I don’t personally (although was tempted today on GU), but I always keep my radars on alert the days preceding a bank holiday weekend in terms of people closing positions.

I haven’t given it much thought myself. Would be interested to know how it affects the currency of that country though?

Normally I dont on major Bank Holidays, but then again I often don’t trade on Mondays, but a Bank Holiday in Italy or somewhere like that can be ignored.

It all depends upon my trade plan.

I do not trade Monday until after midday London time, so if
a trade opportunity presents itself & I am working, then I will take

I do understand though that the price action can be slow, with
reduced volitilty etc.

It all depends upon your trade plan, does it say " I wll not trade on
major bank holidays in UK, USA, JPN & Europe"? or something similar.

“I will not trade in August”

“I will not trade in December”

These questions should all be added to your trade plan & adhered to.

So the answer to the question is, I trade normally if it is a day I trade.

Thank you to all those who voted. And yes, this is a shameless bump in the hope of eliciting more votes from those of you passing through. You don’t have to comment, just vote. Go on, everyone loves voting for stuff…!


In my experience, weird things will usually happen on bank holidays – usually not what you want. I think holiday trading is probably just for addicts.