Bank of America caught snooping for Big Brother

Bank of America Caught Snooping on Their Own Account Holders
at the Request of the U.S. Government

From GSI Exchange – an Editor’s Note (regarding the Daily Mail article, which follows, below) –

A bit of disturbing news to present to you this morning.

Hundreds of outraged Bank of America customers are calling on fellow customers to boycott the bank after news broke that BofA had snooped through potentially thousands of accounts to identify those who might have taken part in the January 6 protest at the US Capitol.

The identities and private financial information of those who are suspected to have participated have been handed over to US authorities. In other words, the bank is colluding with the US government’s draconian overreach–a severe violation of Americans’ rights to privacy. What’s disturbing is the possibility that BofA may not be the only bank colluding with the government on this massive surveillance effort. To date, BofA has handed over information on 211 customers.

What you must understand is that anyone suspected of taking part in this mostly peaceful protest may be labeled a potential “domestic terrorist.” And if this violation is indeed “unprecedented,” then it certainly sets precedence for future collaborations between the banking system and the government toward hunting those who may be considered undesirable, deviant, or dangerous to the current Biden regime.

If you supported Trump or hold any political beliefs that are a little further right of center, then you too may be under suspicion and surveillance. The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll be placed under the domestic terror list and your funds may be frozen, among other potential consequences. All the while you may be completely innocent of any actions or characteristics typically attributed to a legitimate “terrorist.”

The definition of terrorism has certainly changed, and is now aimed against the political right.

Don’t let the government’s perverse mischaracterization and overreach affect your financial privacy and freedom. Convert your cash to non-CUSIP (hence “untrackable”) gold and silver. If you don’t, and if you’re unfortunate enough to be under the government’s suspicion, then the cost to you and your family may be grave.

(emphasis added)

From the Daily Mail

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Absolutely disgraceful. Police need a warrant to be able to investigate the financial affairs of a citizen. The Bank volunteering this information is criminal and they should be held to account.



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