Bank wire transfers

Has anyone here UK/Europe used Revolut as a bank for wire transfers for forex , as oppose to typicall established banks Lloyd’s Barclays City etc ? I used Revolut to transfer and exchange money between Europe and the UK it’s fast ( instantaneous mostly ) and very cheap. Any thoughts , and how does it compare with the big banks.

If it works for you, then what do you want us to tell you? That others are better?

Hi khanfiasa
Due to my lifestyle ( work )I often transfer money between my euro and pound accounts . I used banks before a friend of mine suggested Revolut. Is very good for this kind of transactions , I looked at SEPA although quick there’re sometimes charges and quite high , associated with it. I only recently started researching all of this and finding things out . I’m not sure if a Revolut is the best option for forex hence my post here. There’re a lot of knowledgeable people here and I was hoping for an answer that helps . Yours “ what do you want us to tell you? That others are better?” is on the right track , but if you could be just a little bit more specific it would be awesome.:+1:

Whats your question though? You have successfully transferred money to your broker, correct? That is the aim of a transfer surely so what other information do you need?

Hi Nicks
Perhaps I should’ve been more specific, I have never transferred any money to any brokers because I’m not trading live yet. I’m asking if Revolut would be a good /acceptable platform to use , and are there any better ones out there that people are aware off As I have no experience in forex/ broker transfers at all.

Oh sorry I must have misread your original post. I agree Revolut are good for cheap money transfer however if you are sending the same currency that you will be trading in I don’t think there should be any difference in charges or speed between revolut and other incumbent banks. On a slightly unrelated note Revolut did block a recent purchase i attempted with a cryptocurrency exchange via both card and bank transfer.

I’m surprised as they advertise crypto currency support for some time now.
Thanks for your reply Nicks