Basic Forex DVD


I’m new to Forex and the school on this site is great but I prefer to learn watching a DVD with someone speaking through the detail.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a basic forex set of DVD’s that would have similar info to the school of pipsology?



Personally I wouldn’t touch anything unless I knew exactly what I’m buying, a nice presentation saying you can get 100 PIPS a day with their sophisticated analysis is not worth the DVD it’s been printed on.

If a product is of real value, there is no reason to hide what they are actually selling with a fancy description.

Be weary, very very weary.

There’s some really good stuff on youtube, but be sure to sort the wheat from the chaff and don’t get drawn into all the sales patter.

search “forex dvd” in some torrent site

P.S. before you go on any torrent site, I would recommend you check your antivirus, firewall, spyware, set security to full on your browser, consider very carefully if you really want to do it and be aware that you are running the risk of wrecking your computers’ system.

STEVE NISON is one of the better to good DVD’s. He is teaching Candlestick and has plenty of DVD’s out.
Also to be found on the “hmmm free” places, at least 2 of his best.
Even if you are not in Candlestick, you still can learn a lot.