Basic MT4 question

This is a newb question i know, but hey im newb…

Why do some currencies in MT4 (like USD/CAD) have a white price line mirrored by a red price line a few pips above, while others like EUR/USD just have the one white price line?

I sure sure its something simple but i cant work it out.

Cheers in advance

To kind of answer my own question i think its to do with the profile i have loaded (that i got off a user on these forums). Its supposed to apply to ALL currencys but apparently doesnt. Also im not sure of the red lines purpose as it just seems to mirror the price action offset a few pips.

I will contact the author i guess (or delete it). Sorry for the confusion… wish there was a delete thread option lol

I thought there was a thread delete tool? You can edit your posts and delete them at least, of that I’m sure.

What you’re saying about those lines, it can also be that the spread is so tight on some pairs that the bid line and the ask line are too close together to see. Try zooming in on one of the charts where there’s just one line visible, if you suddenly see the red line as well that’s the reason.

Otherwise it might be the template or profile or something.

The red line is the ask price, and the white line is the bid price. They can be set up on each chart indepentendly, or they may just be so close together on some charts you can’t tell them apart.

Hit F8 to open the “Properties” window, then hit the “Common” tab. You can turn the red line off by unchecking “Show Ask Price”

Interesting thanks… but why do some charts have both and others only one then?

My guess is different templates, or a combination of zooming out and low spreads. If the lines get so close together that MT4 can’t display them both it will only show the white line.