BBC Wants a new mandatory Internet Tax to boost their income

Here in the uk we have what used to be the finest Broadcasting Corporation in teh World - Undisputed.

Now through the “Woke Culture” it has degenerated into The British Propaganda Corporation and is under threat that it’s mandatory Poll Tax - ie the £150 per year “Licence Fee” is likely to be reviewed and they may be forced to earn their keep !

Many of us would like the BBC to necome a Subscription Service like Netflicks.

They of course woukd prefer a nice little earner like their Licence fee and have the temerity to lobby for a compulsory Internet Tax for their benefit - Taxng even those who do not have a TV !

One can see teh reasoning for this of course - a Real Subscription Service - would mean of course the necessity for them to have to change their disgraceful ways !

Trustpilot Rate the BBC
Excellent 5%
Good 1%
Average 1%
Poor 1%
Bad - 92%

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