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Has anyone ever heard off BD FX? They are pretty new and they show some very good trades on Instagram and the sniper Sunday series on you tube was pretty good. They now charge a membership fee but im not sure if its worth it or not. Is anyone a member of their group

Lol where do people find these guys from! It’s a scam. He is not a successful trader. Hes a marketer bro. The instagram is BS. Seriously how long has this guy been around. Do not send any money.

I was in this for 1 month and left, I believe he is a profitable trader himself but that’s another discussion.

With regards to the service, personally i found the stuff just too vague. I was in it for the first month and basically still didn’t know his entry criteria. He’d post analysis and stuff and explain trades and you’d be sitting waiting, then he’d loosely mention an H1 evening star formation or something… He’d say he was ‘looking for entries around here’ but you didn’t know exactly what he was looking for…

Next thing the trade would be posted hundreds of pips in profit but stuff was just so vague. He dropped pretty much daily videos, and within each video he would give loads of good information, however if you joined it now you’d pretty be expected to go back through months worth of videos to catch the odd piece of info he gave out.

He’d say ‘remember i mentioned X in last Wednesdays video’ - just not practical in my opinion.

I don’t know how the service has developed now but he really needs to make a proper course with actual CLEAR CUT entry criteria, I left because it was extortionate at £100 a month for basically charts analysis and a daily video and to me there’s better stuff out there for far cheaper.

I’m now with another similar service and much MUCH happier. Not dropping names here because I don’t want to look like i’m advertising, but there are good mentors and courses out there and in my OPINION, BDFX isn’t really one of them at this stage.


I’ve been following him on Instagram, could you dm on Instagram as to who you are using now I would be interested thank you


I would avoid bdfx as he was a teacher at astroforex

Lol part of astroforex. Just hearing their names makes my skin crawl. Bunch of con artists.

I joined few months ago, it was a waste of money. What he teaches are all from internet, nothing special. Candle sticks, trendline bla bla. Absolutely nothing that will take your trading to the next level.

Hey gregor100, would you be able to DM me who you are using atm.


Please I’d be grateful if you could cut me in on this better forex platform you are now with. Bless you

Gregor100 please send me your IG handle so we can chat some more. My handle is @iam_oboski


I was this close to joining. You definitely saved me almost $200 CAD.
Truly appreciate your feedback and experience.

In regards to your current service, id be blessed if your willing to connect and share your experience with your current service.
ig: @i.a.gramz

-Happy Holidays Team-

stay away from instagram traders

Really rubbish. Costs £120 - thought it was a £100 - sneekily adds on £20 for VAT.
You are connected to a discord channel. There is not many educational videos or tutorials.
He just does a 10 minute morning call and 20 min evening call video each day where he just recaps what happenned in markets. So goes over whats already happened, which is useless. All he does is say “we are watching these levels, or keeping an eye on price action” or “we are just waiting to see what happens”. Or he’ll say “it might go up or might go down”" “Maybe this could happen, or that could happen”. Only calls about 2 trades a week. His excuse will always be “not much happening in the markets”, its quite quiet".
When i was there neither made much profit or were stopped out. Definitely not worth the money. Total scammer, because on his instagram and youtube videos he boasts of sniper entries, perfect entries. There is a mt4 program that allows you to manipulate mt4 to show that you took a trade when you didnt so you can then show perfect entry trades that are in profit. I wouldnt be surprise he has used that program to show profitable “sniper entries”. Just a dumb ex-footballer, who cant talk properly trying to scam people. I reckon he has about 500 members so 500x100=50,000 a month - 600k a year. not bad.

  1. All you need is to be subscribed for a month. Purely watch the webinar videos and learn from them.
  2. I spent 10 months in the group, and it does not worth your money. If you are really a novice trader you will learn the patience game. Otherwise he will feed you for 4 to 5 month with enormous setups that are here and loosing trades for months.
  3. This trader knows how to trade by textbook in 2016 year market conditions. In coronavirus/trump era market conditions he cant make money and that is what he is going to teach you. You will often hear that there are no possibilities “today” every day.
  4. If you will have any problem with the service or the payement, the called “support” will never help you or try to sort you out. They will just not answer your emails. Bernie will tell you to contact them and they will help you out quickly, but trust me, it will never happen. (At this point I just gave up, too much promises + not enough education an + no support + 120fee and not 100).
  5. Coronavirus + Christmas and summer holidays forget about the service, you will have your morning and evening calls. But you still will bring the money like you were having crazy setups.
  6. Result: For you - there is no setup. For Bernie - even without setup he receives your money. Between 500k and a mill per year on subscriptions, why trade and take risks?

Yes, i have it