Be aware! Scam fx subscription

Just wish to dedicate this post to remind fellow traders that there are some subscription service out there are scammers.

One is the so-called “Hayek Systems” and the cheapest option is 199 pounds per month for 3 weekly positions. And 999 pounds per annum for 5+ weekly positions and “institutional chatroom”.

It turns out that the institutional reports are somehow useless and it will be only 1 trade per week from time to time, which is very different from 5+ weekly positions as advertised.

It is all fancy and boasted “institutional material”, but at the end of the day, the positions are no better than average traders.

The funny thing is that the person who created it is one of the “TOP” people from the list on TradingVIew. The posts are very decent and logical but the subscription is totally another thing.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all succeed at forex trading.



thanks for your information ,
the traders who are particularly

beginners should go through this

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Thank you for the heads up, it’s always good to be aware of any new scams going around. :frowning:

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thanks for your nice post. will support for so many.

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hope, this post will support to avoid scam. thanks

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Hayek Systems has a .io web address. I must admit I had to look up where .io is and it turns out to be the British Indian Ocean Territory. Maybe slightly better known as the Chagos Islands, the largest being Diego Garcia.

The islands have no resident population. There are some US and British military personnel based there, plus their contractors’ employees.

It doesn’t seem possible the company is based there. I can’t think of a good reason to do business with a company that is based on unpopulated islands in the Indian Ocean.

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I’d say they are US - the .io thing is just the internet - marketeers like it because it sounds ‘techy’ and is easier (for now) to get names since .com is saturated.

I haven’t bothered to check but a wild guess is that hys(dot)com is taken.


Nice investigation Tommor! The author of the subscription seems to be based in London (according to Tradingview profile). They did put some effort in constructing the website though. It is a shame that the subscription did not deliver what is promised.

Thanks for the post! There are just so many services that boast certain things and try to lure people in. There is no issue if you are a new trader and join a decent service to help you get started, to go through trade setups and how to manage trade etc. But I just don’t like the way they underdeliver on the service, especially an expensive one.

Thanks for the heads up.
Elements like this are literally defaming Forex.

The problem in overall people is at how they are looking for knowledge, signals and money managers. Probably 99% of traders will not having time to share stupid videos by Rolex, good cars, money …
They are mostly enyojing personal life like normal human and not like aka I know how to turn 100 bucks to 1000 in a week. Good trader will not put highly risk on padestol to turn 1 million to 10 millions. Not even in a month or year. But I really wish to everyone who thinks like that. I wish them lose money to meet up mistake and stupidity.