Be Careful from this team of scammers!

i bought Bonosu Pro for 200$ after seeing a lot of done marketing.
it is not working.
accuracy about 53%.

these are some details of them:

they blocked me from everywhere after i asked for refund.

Yea, that’s tough. How did you pay them?

What made you pick them in the first place? It’s says 100% win rate on the YT description. Too good to be true right?

I am confused. If your motive is to warn people to beware of them why post all their contact details and how much it cost and everything? Or is it that there is a different motive for this thread such as sneakily promoting and advertising their services? Just wondering.

Binary Options… Time Frame : 1 Minute… All Symbols… Expiry : 2 - 5 Minutes…

What could possibly go wrong with this strategy…??

Binary Options were banned by all regulated Brokers and many unregulated 24 months ago… FFS You have to do some research before throwing away your cold hard cash…

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i paid them using usdt.
here is screenshot of payment using telegram.

i posted all their details, because scammers change always the using websites to promote, but i shared their main details to be clear and help people never fall to them.

Dear mister lion,

We are with sad hearts to hear that you have been tricked out of TWHUNDREDDOLLARS.

Immediately we are dispatching a team of TWO HUNDRED SECRET AGENTS to quickly retrieve your lost fortune.

We have tracked the perpetrators to a foreign country(the republic of telegram) where our frogmen are lurking and spying from underwater in a canal that is infested with snakes and lizards.

Do not worry!