Bearish Reversal Pattern


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These are decent illustrations of well documented patterns. These are indeed real things, patterns which are seen in price charts in all markets in all time-frames all the time.

But experts since maybe a century ago have been calling these things reversal patterns and I say this is far too optimistic. I’d say their failure rate and the consequences of taking these things literally means they are so dangerous to new traders they should have a new name. I suggest price continuation failure possibility patterns - but I guess that wouldn’t sell so many books…

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Nice and clean illustration!

What is the question?

I see a picture, but there is no statement or question accompanying it.

What is this thread about?

Beginners should avoid trading on the Bearish Reversal Pattern because it is not the typical method of making money in forex trading. It can be rather risky and requires a lot of research.

These are actually bullish reversal patterns.

Patterns are an important point for learning…
Although it does not always work, the statistics are confident either way.

It’s such a complex subject that it can be studied in complex ways, on the other hand it can be completely ruined by fundamental analysis, but that’s another story.

agree with you ,beginners should avoid it for reducing unfortunate risk and losses.

The most effective reversal patterns to use as a trade entry are those which signify a resumption of the major trend.

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Thank you for the information.
I will look into it!