Becoming a source of forex signals

Hi Traders,

I would like to learn how to become a signal source in MT4. What I want to do is allow people to copy my account, or in other words, when I open a trade, the same trade should open in another account. Can someone with a similar experience show me how I can achieve this ?

Thanks in advance

Many avenues my friend. You can start a MAM or PAMM, sign up with myfxbook, and mql5 has a signal service… There’s another one but I’m not going to promote it.

I don’t have any experience with Etoro (but I’ve heard there’s a lot of withdrawal issues) or Zulutrade.

The thing is though, most people gravitate toward traders who have 1000% or 2000% gains which means if you’re really good/disciplined, you won’t have hardly any customers.

I am sorry but I don’t know what MAM or a PAMM is ?

That is very sad…

Think you need to know how to trade before becoming a signal service