Began my trading journey with the new year and have made good choices and bad ones

Guess I’m just coming here to vent. I have an issue with quick euphoria from profitable trades and urge to extend its time flooding my brains cockpit. Not really because I’m
Not a casino goer or investor of gambling games but I do still feel the effects of winning trades take over my ability to think sensible thoughts. It’s a little scary because I have already decided that I want this so to see my strategies be flushed down the red drain of despair is mind crunching. I am learning more about myself then any market on this journey. I love every second of it and I strive to succeed. Anyways, this is my very 1st post here. Will actuallly try to post 2/3 trades I place to keep myself from placing more then I need since I know I have to write a paragraph of them as well. Just trying to come up with different forms of discipline. Anyways cheers guys. Much love. I wanted to sign this “PipSniper” but it wouldn’t really coincide with the trading report I received for January.

PS. I joined imarketslive and ended it in less then a week. I didn’t like the idea of paying someone to “teach me” when I’ve spent $200 on books notepads pens whiteboards $1200 on a laptop and even more on account balances. If I’m gonna do something I want to see the very bottom so I know how to avoid it and where not to go again. Just thought I’d mention this small thing I experienced. I love the learning process of things.

Never giving up