Beginner confusion

Just recently got into forex still learning a lot but on my meta trader demo account I wanted to make it realistic so I only have 3k on it but whenever I place trades it’s not normal lot sizes.

When I enter 0.01 it’s 1 cent per pip which is normal I think then 0.1 it’s 10 cent then when I enter 1.0 it’s a dollar I’m certain this isn’t how it should be. Also what’s the deal with the quotes being different on meta trader than TradingView is that how it’s supposed to be ? Any help would be great.

.8 pips with 0.01 is $0.08 ($.10 per pip)
.8 pips with 0.10 is $0.80 ($1 per pip)
.4 pips with 1.0 is $4.00 ($10 per pip)

Quotes are priced differently every broker. If you select your broker’s symbol in TradingView, it’d be the same feed. Ie; Oanda platform pricing and “EurUsd: Oanda” on TradingView.


Meta trader is my broker but it’s not on trading view so I can’t view it the same way

And in that case would that just mean I need more money in my account to trade standard lots but I can’t trade anything higher than 2.0 and it’s $2 a pip anything higher says not enough money and I have 3k in the account.

2.0 lots is $20 a pip, or $2 per Point (1/10 of a pip). None of your trades were in profit more than a pip in your example.

If your leverage is 50:1, you won’t be able to trade more than 1.5 lots. $3,000 x 50 = 150,000.

Your platform is MetaTrader. So is mine. Who is your broker? What website or Log in do you use? The server I connect to says it, “Coinexx-Live”

Ohhh I wasn’t paying attention that’s my bad. I was instinctively reading the last number rather than the 4th I see what you mean now. So essentially the number I’m seeing is profit from pipettes not actual pips.
I have a leverage of 1:100 so I should be able to trade 3.0 lots. I use meta trader on my phone and trading view on my laptop. I have an oanda account what would I need to connect that to, to be able to do all the same numbers on TradingView as metatrader ?

Just find Oanada feeds in TradingView

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Thank you man you’ve been hella helpful

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