Beginner forex for newbies

Must learn what is forex and trading

this is a good forum for beginners level. have you visited the baby pips school at all ?

learning is important , no way to deny . but learning can be useless if there is no regular level of practice.

Hello @Makj,

Thanks for visiting and participating in the forum! We’re happy to have you!

If you’re eager to start learning about Forex, we suggest that you make your way over to the School of Pipsology , our very own guide for teaching beginners how to trade the foreign currency exchange market. We start you off in Kindergarten, teaching you Forex basics, and you progress all the way to College, learning more complex subjects. This is all self-study, done at your own pace. Along the way, stop and take one of the 50 forex trading quizzes to make sure you’ve retained the knowledge.



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Yes you must learn and practice, and one of the best place to do that is to register with the school here. Great place indeed to learn!

learning and practicing at the same is a great combination , but as a newcomer that is really difficult to continue this formula.

i thin you already got the answer by our Moderator , good luck

the funny thing is all the beginners know learning is must at the first stage but after that they start trading with 0 learning . this is real story

Go through the education section here on babypips. You will find information about the basics of forex trading that will help you in the long run. Also, practice well so that you know the basic use of all that you are reading.

Of course, you can start with the basic, but only basic is not good enough to produce you the consistent result; so don’t ignore the advance educational materials!

Well said, till now BabyPips School is the best source to learn Forex! New traders should start their trading journey by Babypips School!

Hey newbie, you have come to the right place for your learning. Take trading seriously because that’s the only way you will be able to stay on track with your learning and earning.

You can make money in the forex market only if you have the knowledge to stay in the market and handle changing market situations. Learn well because that’s the only thing that will work for you when you are a trader.

Absolutely knowledge is the key, I see a number of traders try to rely on their big trading capital; but in reality, you big trading capital is nothing is you try to grab here big candles with an ordinary trading skill!

Knowledge is the biggest tool you have in the forex market. You may or may not have a big risk appetite, but if you have the knowledge to make money from even the slightest market movements, you are capable of becoming successful in the future.

Not if you value your funds, you have to keep at these two aspect of the market until you feel comfortable enough to go live. If you rush things your funds will rush out too at will.

Learning should be your first step in the forex market. Keep practising your lessons on a demo account so that when you go live, you know in which direction you must trade.

There is no way to dispute the value of learning. But without consistent practice, learning may be ineffective. Prefer learning and practising simultaneously so as to consolidate the knowledge.

The part of being consistent in practice and learning is key to succeeding in the market, nothing other than that will be very damaging at the long run.

There is a lot about forex that new traders should learn apart from the basic definition. Make sure that you dedicate enough time to your learning before you start taking any risks.