Beginner here to forex

Hi yall new here i seek opportunities want to learn forex thank you.

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Ok. Start your long learning journey by pressing the green education button above.

its a most friendly environment , have a very good journey

Start here…

where are you from ? any idea about psychology of school ? and any experience to trade in any practice account ?

baby pips school+ trading in a demo account = the best solution for the traders who are particularly beginners.

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Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Good to hear. Keep trying to learn properly.

Welcome, please do the pips school, it helpt me so much, and take a Demo acc to practice

Welcome to the forum. I think that beginners are the most sincere people in trading activity, because they’re like children, while professional traders are like their moms. It’s not bad, it’s really okay, because every trader once was a rookie in this activity. I think that today there are lots of beginners in trading activity and it’s great because they create lots of opportunities not only for themselves but also for the whole trading community. They find out something new and sometimes even something new for professional traders. Hence, we should always help rookies to pass this difficult way of becoming professionals.

Hi, Babypips is a very supportive community. You can start demo trading after you finish your free course here. All the best.