Beginner introduction

Good morning my name is Nester Talakgale i am a beginniner, i am from a village in Limpopo and i want to ask how long will it take for me to start trading.

Guess that depends on your asset, your known with the forex a bit?

Welcome I am sure you will find some great examples and guidance on how to be a good trader on this site. Have you started trading on a demo account yet ?

Hi Nester, Welcome to the community. Hope you have a great time learning here. Feel free to connect.

Hello @nesterraesetja66! :blush: Welcome welcoooome! :blush: Have you already started reading or studying forex? :slight_smile: I mean, you can start demo trading any time. BUT I suggest that you go live once you’re confident on a strategy that you’ve tested. :blush:

Heya Nester!

Nice to meet ya, good luck and good trades!

welcome to this Forum , nice to meet you . always focus in Beginner section , good luck and happy trading.