Beginner to Novice FX Trader

Hello All,

My name is Jay, I’ve gained an interest in investments since the age of 17, took the route of trusting those guys in suits with my money, lost half of it post US recession in Canada, partied with the rest of it, and began learning how to manage my own money. Years later, I’ve taken some courses on securities, economics, completed an Accounting program (boring as f$@k), day trading courses, and got back in the market during the Gold rush, started with $800 in and later it grew to $7,500 in 3 weeks. I withdrew most the money, then became undisciplined with the remaining profit money, over leveraged myself in trades and blew out the account! Went through lots of ups and downs after that, relationship woes (yes, don’t have a woman unless she’s into day trading), frequent job changes, and now recently back in the market with a demo account, $50k, Alpari MT4 system. Up almost $5,000 since Nov. 4th, remembered this site as an educational tool and began to go back to the foundation of my trading education and become more involved in trading as a long term career choice or more like a retirement thing to do while on a beach, hopefully :-). I still need to get up to speed with the calculations and market and economic indicators that impact the forex market i.e: bond prices, interest rates, qe3, etc.

I’ve chatted with firms who are willing to hire me to trade remotely from Toronto, Canada and looking to do that soon as well as take their training program. Reason I like trading, is because I believe you should have your money work for you rather than you work for it! Over night bank decisions and government decisions are constantly being made that impact your buying power and I refuse to be a victim again of an economic crisis, or have someone with a title claim to manage my money when they don’t capitalize on up and down market movements.

To me, that’s not how you build a nest egg that’s just waiting for your money to evaporate and hoping that after 20-40 years of saving you’ll luck out with a Million! Glad there’s forums like this with traders where we can share our ideas, opportunities, and formulate strategies. There’s a few trader meetups in Toronto that I might check out as long as they don’t try to sell me some package as for now I’m learning from home and doing a few 1 lot size trades at home. I mainly dabble in the usd/jpy eur/usd usd/chf usd/cad eur/jpy aud/usd gbp/usd gbp/jpy Looking forward to connecting and learning with you all!

Happy trading :slight_smile:

Skype : MrJay.berry

Hi Jay,

Interesting journey, it’s great that you tasted winning and loosing . Now you can focus on building profits
and not giving them back to the market.

I wish you the best.


Thanks! What’s your traders story?

Hello!Wow thanks for sharing your story/experienced to everybody.I am not into live account yet i am currently educating myself thats why i registered to forex forums like babypips since this was recommended to me by a friend.We can say discipline is the hardest but needed in forex market.I really enjoyed reading your story.Hope to hear some tips from you again.Goodluck.

Hello Jay,
Welcome to the forums.

Thanks @ Matrix @ Gerski

Your welcome, i wish you all the best on your trading!