Beginner Trading

I am going to begin experimenting with demo trading in a few weeks. Whats a good platform for demo trading as well as live trading ???

Try OspreyFX. They have unlimited demo account validity.

Thank you. How about when I’m ready to actually begin trading, after I become Comfortable with the demo, where do I go ?

Basically any platform should be good for what you want. Just do believe me anyway for many many reasons out there. Can you please check it out finally. How else I can propose something like that to you really ? Where else we could get something like that ?

Any properly regulated broker should have a decent demo account. There’s plenty to choose from, check the Broker section here on Babypips for more information.

yes, should check the baby pips broker section and FPA also. its really informative.

before using live account traders should use demo account first of all, its very supportive to see the broker performance.