Beginning my journey to day trader

Hello everyone. By way of introduction my name is Ryan and I am fascinated by Forex. I am an engineer by trade with a a graduate level background in math and I find myself especially drawn to the technical analysis side of Forex trading. I have been reading up on Forex a bit on Investopedia and trying to learn from the vast amounts of information on the web. I aim to become a career student in this field, as it seems to be a great fit for my personality, skills, and interests. With the appropriate amount of time and research my goal is to make a living trading in the Forex market.

Because I would like to focus more heavily on the technical analysis side I forsee myself most likely adopting either a scalper or day trader strategy. I can easily see myself monitoring charts on a minute-by-minute basis and developing a firm set of trading rules to follow religiously. I also enjoy programming and automating systems so down the road I will be exploring automated trading.

As I see it, my keys to success will be excellent money management, a robust technical analysis system and refusing to trade on emotions (instead relying on rules and logic). By learning to truly be a calculated risk taker I will say goodbye to the rat race and embrace a profession that I am much more passionate about.

Happy trading, and I can’t wait to learn with and from all of you!

Hi Ryan welcome to Babypips!This forum is a good place for us to share and exchange knowledge.

Welcome to the club, Ryan!

Your background can indeed be helpful once you start experimenting with automated trading. Good luck and see you around!

For sure, here we virtual get all we ever need in forex!

Of course my friend, with the help of Forex forum we are be able to absorb ideas from members that they are sharing lots of resources to be learn in this forum.