Being away from trading

Hey there! It’s great to take breaks from trading, and learning new strategies can be helpful. Start slowly, refresh your knowledge, develop a new trading plan, and practice on a demo account. By doing these things, you can get back into trading and improve your performance over time. Good luck!

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Find the thing that gets you motivated, get professional help and do not hesitate to consult others.

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Sometimes I find massive change in the market especially when the market is volatile and I take a break.

That seems fair but If you can’t meet your daily lifestyle, your day-to-day living, or you’re in debt , you should quit trading immediately. This is one of the major signs when to stop trading. Trading is not like a job that pays you a fixed income where there’s a fixed payout every month, it doesn’t work that way.

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Ain’t against taking breaks but that doesn’t stop the scenario from happening again.

Had a break recently, got back around March; i never did anything relating to trading activities, not even a glance at my portfolio on my shares in GTCO & DANGCEM (oops, you might not be familiar with these but they are names of some Nigerian stocks).

The truth is when i got back, all i realized was the market never changed and looks the same. But what changed was my approach.

I have no advice. When I lose I want to be away from both trading and learning for a while. :zipper_mouth_face:

But it helps a trader refresh his mind. Actually it’s my point of view and others may see it from different point of view.

Every time I take a break from the market, I spend some time refresh my knowledge and becoming acquainted with any changes or updates in the market.

Sometimes taking a break strengthens a person’s mind and rejuvenates it for further attempts running.