Being away from trading

Hey everyone!

Do you have any advice for someone who’s been away from trading for a while? Sometimes I feel like I need to take breaks and have some days off, and I’m also interested in learning about new strategies.

What about you all?

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I also suggest taking leave at times especially when you are in consistent losses, frustration, strategy deficiency and worst market condition. Taking break may make you mentally stronger.

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While you’re away, the market looks the same, nothing changed.

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There is benefit in taking a break now and then and standing back from the routine. Instead of being busy and correcting problems and fighting fires, look at the good things you do, turn them round to see them from all angles - could the good stuff be made any better?

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I FEEL YOU. :sweat: But that’s also because I easily get drained whenever I get super busy. :frowning: I think there’s nothing wrong with taking breaks every now and then! :smiley: Or using long-term strategies could also be an option? :sweat_smile:

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I think it’s great to see everything in cycles. Cycles of active trading and then maybe rest, cycles of actively doing something else and then takin a break from it. Otherwise it’ll be so monotonous!

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I had some losses too, I decided to have rest and start again maybe with new strategies.

Don’t you look for new strategies while having rest? do you use any special sources?

I agree that taking a break and reflecting on the good things we do can be beneficial. By looking at our successes from different perspectives we may even discover new ways to improve upon them.

Sometimes, when my plans don’t work out, I get tired and decide to take a break for a while.

Yeah, these days have been good for me to take a breather and rethink some stuff. But to be honest, I’m still worried about losing money even if I do make some changes. :sweat_smile:

Done it several time in the last month or 2. Had a string of losing trading days. Took time away and did NOTHING related to trading. It was a good reset. Helped me focus on my rules, position sizing, get away from the emotional stuff I was doing while watching charts. Definitely helps.

Even if you skip live trading, you shouldn’t stay disengaged from demo trading. You can test run your strategies on demo account.

Taking break will definitely refresh your mind and while taking rest, don’t even stay active on demo account.

Same here brother, I also take a break when I see I am in consistant losses or my plan isn’t working.

I am on a break too:))))))) Happy to see you!
Right now, I am just spending time on myself. But I think nothing will happen and I am not going to miss anything. Trend is going and whenever that I get back to this, it will be my friend again :blush:
So I think this break will change me and my trading career a lot.

Taking break at times is effective because it invigorates a trader’s mind. I take break when I discover myself in consistent losses.

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Actually, I have a different mindset and I noticed when I suffer a loss, I think I should take a break and when I go on a break, my mind pushes me to come back to trading again.


That’s spirit. You should take a few days off for recovery after a few trades or even losses.

Life is multifaceted, going far beyond the realms of trading or work. It is a rich tapestry of various experiences, including time spent with family, friends, engaging in hobbies, sports, and taking moments to rest and rejuvenate. While the ultimate aim of trading might be to generate income or achieve financial freedom, some dedicated individuals aspire to become professionals in the field. People’s goals and expectations in life differ greatly, and each person’s journey is unique.

To achieve one’s goals and ultimate aims, it is crucial to adopt a long-term perspective, as expressed by the Chinese proverb “从长计议” (cong zhang ji yi), which means to plan for the long run. This approach requires careful consideration of one’s priorities and values, and the commitment to maintain a balanced and fulfilling life. By taking the time to assess one’s goals and aspirations, one can develop a strategic plan to effectively navigate the diverse aspects of life.

As individuals work towards their personal objectives, it is essential to maintain a healthy work-life balance. This includes dedicating time to nurturing relationships, pursuing personal interests, and prioritizing self-care. Part of this well-rounded approach involves taking planned breaks from trading to rest and reflect, allowing individuals to recharge, gain perspective, and enhance their decision-making abilities.

Furthermore, it is vital to balance trading efforts while attending to family matters. Ensuring that family relationships are nurtured and prioritized is key to maintaining harmony in one’s life. By investing time and energy in family, individuals create a strong foundation that supports their personal and professional aspirations.

In conclusion, life is a complex and beautiful journey that requires individuals to adopt a long-term perspective, prioritize balance, and continually reassess their goals and aspirations. By incorporating planned breaks from trading for rest and reflection, and ensuring a healthy balance between trading efforts and family matters, individuals can experience a more meaningful and rewarding existence. Taking time away from trading is just as important as actively participating in trading activities, as it allows individuals to recharge and remain fresh in their approach to the markets.