Beraish candle

Dear All,
Please. can anyone explain this: The lowest part or the tail of a bearish candle is called the low.My question is ‘’ where is the starting point of the low in the bearish closing candle’’?

I have no idea what your asking. The absolute low point of a chosen time period can be formed by either a bull or bear candle because it’s the activity that has taken place within this candle that matters, and not where the candle happens to close.

Add an image with what you are asking and im sure people will answer straight away.

The point is that candlesticks just display all necessary information trader seeks from the chart in visually comfortable way, particularly - open and close price, high and low price value for chosen span of time - 1m, 5m, or other. If you meet some concept for example “low price” you can automatically associate it with known candlesticks features described above. Easy as that. I would like to point that you picked right path to start with, because of majority of Hotforex traders I discussed this subject with tend to use candlesticks as well. So keep up with the going and learn how to recognize candlesticks patterns…